Roche PMDA Summer School 2024

Hand-on Modeling and Analytics in Drug Discovery For a Summer Week

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Roche Predictive Modeling and Data Analytics Summer School 2024

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Roche PMDA Summer School is a one-week in-person event for PhD students to apply their data analysis and modelling skills to address problems in drug discovery and development.

The event is organized and sponsored by the Predictive Modeling and Data Analytics (PMDA) chapter, a multidisciplinary team in the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, residing in the Pharma Research and Early Development division of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. The chapter develops and applies data analysis, visualisation, and modelling tools for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies, biomarkers, and toxicology and safety.


The topic of the PMDA Summer School 2024 will be Predicting protein turnover in vitro and in vivo. The participants will work in teams to analyze and model data and integrate prior knowledge in order to predict protein turnover, which plays an important role in several aspects of drug discovery, as well as to improve our understanding of the biological process. More details shall follow.


We welcome Ph.D. students of Swiss universities with backgrounds in mathematics, statistics, data science, computing sciences, machine learning and AI, physics, chemistry, biology and relevant backgrounds to apply. Exceptional applications from non-Swiss universities or institutes may be considered in a case-by-case manner.

The applicants are expected to bring experience in data analysis and modelling (for instance statistical modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence, mechanistic modeling, or causal inference), as well as enthusiasm in applying the skills to solve real-world problems in drug discovery.

Use this Google Form to apply until Friday, June 14th, 2024. To register, you need a Google account. During the application, you will need to submit a cover letter and your current CV as a PDF file. You can also provide up to two contact persons as your reference optionally.

Please contact jitao_david.zhang (at) roche (dot) com in case of questions.